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Our Mission

Our company mission is simple. We are proud to provide solar energy to meet our customers’ energy demand now and in the future with high-performance, warranteed equipment and our premium solar services that are very efficient for the customer to benefit from.

Our vision

Our vision is for us all to benefit from solar energy whether it’s through national, state, local authority, residential or commercial developments. The reality is our energy usage expenses are getting higher year after year and the need to find a way of reducing them now is essential.

Our values

We value our customers and the many benefits solar energy offers. We value the right high performance equipment and the smart engineering systems to make it as efficient as possible. We value our company experience and reputation in the market which provide us consistent referrals and lead generations. More importantly, we value the challenges of keeping the cost of solar down a better, overall benefits our customers appreciate.

Who We Are and What we do

We are ZenelGie Global Consulting Limited, one of the world`s fastest growing privately owned independent renewable energy company providing a full turnkey solution to residential, businesses, commercial and utility scale independent renewable energy and solar power developers.  ZenelGie Global are the experts in all rooftop, ground mount and custom designs Solar PV installations, driving the market through innovations and excellence in health and safety standards. Our talented and experienced workforce effectively performing in close collaboration with our partner organisations, are central to the success of our multi-award winning services which are helping hundreds of home owners and businesses achieve their energy independence through investments in our innovative technology renewable energy systems and solutions.

At ZenelGie Global, we are here to help your company achieve its energy independence, supported by three key business objectives: ‘go green’, ‘go save’ and ‘go zero C02’, to accomplish our empowerment goal of enabling universal access to affordable, clean, efficient and sustainable power supply for all.  With a full turnkey solution for renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and varying storage systems and solutions, we give you the ability to work with a single contractor to realise your entire clean energy sufficiency expectations.

View our services page to learn more about the integrated services that contribute to the delivery of your project at ZenelGie Global.

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