Energy Storage Systems

Zenelgie Energy Storage aims to be the leading manufacturer and developer of grid-level energy storage batteries with the lowest levelised cost of energy Continentally.

Large scale storage is an essential part of the future of energy. We need electricity super-storage to give industry the freedom of instantly available renewable electricity; give the grid capacity to deliver security of supply; and give time-shifting to renewables so that solar energy after sunset becomes reality.

The market drivers for energy storage are set in legislation. Increasing distributed renewables generation, especially the recent growth in solar PV on top of onshore and offshore wind, is causing pain points for grid infrastructure and incumbent generators; creating urgent global need for reliable low-cost, scalable grid-level energy storage.

Energy is a necessary and significant operating expense that needs to be minimized to improve the bottom line. Addressing it in a sustainable, predictable way is smart business. Many businesses look to renewable energy to support their brand and to lower costs, but utility programs don’t always support the economics of such a move. Energy storage can put the power back in the business’s hands to take control of their energy future. Whether it is managing the self-supply of intermittent solar or wind, maximizing savings from existing utility tariffs for demand charges and time-of-use rates, or ensuring the facility’s energy security from grid outages, an economical, long-duration energy storage solution can put the power to control your energy cost back in your hands.

Our Energy Storage system can give a business the ability to store and use onsite and grid electricity to maximise savings. With a low upfront and life-cycle cost, large capacity and 20+ years of efficient operation, it can be combined with renewable energy generation to lower electricity spending in most locations. Incorporating safe non-toxic, non-flammable materials, the system can be sited indoors or out to maximize the space at your facility.

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